CashFX has an incredible opportunity for you to develop a second or third stream of income. This opportunity is so powerful it will ultimately improve millions of lives.

What is cashFx group

Cash FX Group is forex trading company, that trades on the Foreign Exchange market on your behalf Members receives daily profits which is PAID out every Saturday until the money invested reaches 200%  

How does it works

Members can start with any of the packages below $300 / $500 / $1000 / $2000 /$5000 / $10000 / $15000 / $20000 /$30000 / $50,000 / $100,000 when you purchase a pack, it will be divided into 70% and 30% 70% will be placed in the trading pool which will be used by the traders to trade till it reaches 200% of the pack you bought 30% will be divided into two with 15% going to your sponsor and the other 15% will be used as Unilevel Bonuses Example: If you start with the $300 pack, 70% ($210) will be used to trade till your profits reaches $600 while 30% ($90) will be divided into 2, with 15% ($45) going to your upline and the other 15% goes to your team’s Unilevel Bonus.

How much can i earn

This depends on your pack as profits from trades could be between 5% -15%. With a $300 pack, you could earn up to $31 weekly and $155 monthly till your profits reaches $600. You can withdraw once your earnings reaches $100 Members also earn bonuses below: 1. Passively from your trade pack 2. Unilevel bonus 3. Matrix bonus 4. Matrix matching IS CASHFX TRULY TRADING? Yes, Cashfx broker is EVERFX, Everfx is the official sponsor of the sevilla football club and they have confirmed their partnership with CashFX.

  •  LIQUID MARKETS: Available
  •  RECESSION PROOF: 99% Of The Time
  •  EXPERT SUPPORT: Full Project Management
  •  MARKETING TOOLS: Full Suite
  •  TRAINING: 10-Level System Included
  •  EARNINGS: 2X – 4X On Trade Contract

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