Uswap DEX is a decentralized exchange protocol deployed on the TRON network for instant swaps between any trc20 token available on the DEX.

A DEX is built and preserved by the people, the community, as a DEX is built and based in smart contract protocols, this means that users / people who see potential in the project will provide liquidity to the DEX. Providing liquidity to Uswap dex allow you to gain access to farm it’s governance tokens UME and EFT, liquidity providers is also sharing 100% of all swap fees on Uswap. It allows anyone to utilize what they already have to make more, that’s what Defi and yield farming is all about. The more attractive UME and EFT farming becomes for the public, the more liquidity and volume will be added to Uswap and this again brings more traders and arbitragers, which again means trading volume and swap fee revenue. So to put it simple, Uswap is a decentralized exchange where you as a user can swap and trade between tokens and to be a part of sharing the swap fee by providing liquidity , as well as the option to farm two high potential governance tokens UME and EFT. USWAP uses an automated market maker model where users trade against a liquidity pool. These pools are filled by users who deposit their funds into the pool and receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens in return. These LP tokens can later be used to reclaim their share of the pool, as well as a portion of the trading fees. Uswap also allows users to farm additional tokens such as UME and EFT. On the farm, users can deposit LP tokens and get rewarded with UME and / or EFT.


If trading is risky and requires the investor’s activity, then this earning tool can be defined as passive investing with passive earnings. When a trader wishes to exchange one currency for another, he does not need to contact the buyer or seller. He refers to a liquidity pool created specifically for this trading pair, into which a large amount of one and the other currencies are pre-filled. When making an exchange, a trader puts one currency into the pool and takes another, thereby shifting the ratio of the pair to each other. (See diagram)

Let’s say that you, as a future liquidity provider, have 2 assets in storage. For example USDT (this is the dollar) and TRX (this is the main currency of the TRON Blockchain)

The Uswap exchange invites you to place your funds (provide liquidity) in the appropriate pool for the USDT | TRX pair. Traders will use your funds for the exchange, for which they pay a commission of 0.3% for each exchange (swap). And this 0.3% is distributed among all liquidity providers in proportion to the share in the pool.                           

STAKING cares about its investors, and an additional motivational project – Staking – was developed especially for them.

It is very good and pleasant to make money from each Swap. But uswap went further. For the fact that you provide liquidity to the exchange, there is also the opportunity to participate in the Staking project.

It’s still easier here than providing liquidity.

When an investor adds liquidity to one of the trading pairs, he receives special technical tokens. LP tokens. They help determine the investor’s share in the total liquidity of the pool.

After that, the investor is invited to go to the UME Staking section, select the appropriate pool and click on the Stake button. From now on, every second you receive pleasant bonuses in the form of a UME  token, which can be exchanged for any currency you are interested in. For example TRX. On the bar of each pool, you see the annual percentage of income, which is calculated based on several factors, such as the UME rate, the amount of remuneration, and the number of participants in the pool.

*Be ware and careful, store and invest only those tokens in which you are confident.*

How to start staking on uswap

  1.  Download Klever wallet or Tronlink pro wallet from Google playstore or app store. 
  2. Set up your new wallet and keep your private key safe.
  3.  Fund the wallet with Tron.
  4.  copy Uswap link: >>Link<<
  5.  Paste the Link on the wallet dapp browser and proceed with providing liquidity ( you need two pairs to provide liquidity i.e TRX/KLV, TRX/USDT) you can swap your Tron to other pairs on uswap
  6.  To provide liquidity you need equal amount of the pairs( i.e for TRX/KLV pool. To provide liquidity of $200 you need $100 on TRX and $100 on KLV)
  7. Once you provide liquidity you will get lp token which you can then use to stake on the desired pool.

Ecosystem Reward



What is an ER pool and how does it benefit EFT holders?

An Ecosystem Reward pool is a solo staking / farming pool consisting of profits generated within the Uswap and eclipcity ecosystem ✔️

The larger user and customer base the services from our ecosystem is, the more revenue is created ✔️

The ER pool will farm for 21 days, the next ER pool will be deployed 3 weeks after the previous one has ended ✔️

The first ER pool will contain a massive 250,000 USDT that is available to farm for those holding EFT ❤️

Those who choose to stake to farm the ecosystem profits will freeze their EFT during the ER pool, until the full 21 days of farming has been completed, at this point you can pick up the EFT you staked 👊✔️.The ER pool will freeze EFT only and rewards can be taken at any time.

Now comes a few choices while waiting 3 weeks for the next ER pool,

1. you can stake the EFT in the solo pool farming UME and keep the USDT profits for what ever you want.

2. You can use the USDT profits you just farmed and provide liquidity to EFT / USDT and farm UME

3. You can use the profits you just farmed to buy more EFT to have a bigger share in the next ER pool

4. You can choose to just sit back and not do anything, just hold your EFT for the next ER pool

5. Or you can trade and sell both profits and EFT

(Personally I do not recommend option 4 and 5 😅, with EFT and the profits you will farm you can continue to farm UME and have a residual income generated from your EFT at all times)


So we now know:

The first ER pool will have 250,000 USDT to share between those staking EFT in the ER pool

The ER pool will freeze EFT and rewards can be taken at any time

Between the ER pools you can farm UME 👊✅ if you don’t want to farm in the ER pool UME farming will be simultaneously (so many will strategically choose their pools, farm UME with high APY or farm in ER pool)

The second ER pool will be deployed 3 weeks after the first one ends, and we aim to have between $300,000 – $400,000 in the second

(Keep in mind as our community grows the profits grow and the size of the ER pool increases)

This means that simply by having and holding EFT you will be farming pure profits in USDT  💼🥳

This time the ER pool is 250,000 USDT

Next time maybe $350,000 of USDT

Next time maybe $500,000 of USDT

Next maybe $650,000 of USDT

Next maybe $800,000 of USDT

And next and next and next again, these ER pools will be minimum 6-8 times a year, each pool aiming to to have an increased amount of value in it..

As this community, ecosystem and user base grows, the potential value in the ER pools will increase tremendously and so will the overall wealth you will gather from simply holding EFT ✅🤑👊❤️

I hope this text makes it clear why you should hold your EFT and even more so, why you should buy more of them 😁

I know what I will be doing with the profits I am farming with EFT, and that’s to buy more EFT directly after the ER pool ends so I can farm even more profits next time 😁❤️

What other Ecosystem offers you revenue sharing like Eclipcity has started?
The first ever ER shared $250.000.00 and the second ER pool is already at $350.000.00 USDT.